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Little B is growing so fast!

Bree is 9 months and 1 week old today!! Holy goodness – SLOW DOWN!

Here are some things about her; she can:

  • recognize her immediate family, and most extended family :)
  • crawl well, and fast, particularly when the bath is running and she doesn’t want to miss out
  • stand with the support of almost anything, and then stand for up to 3 seconds without holding onto anything
  • magically get off our family bed, without injury, to play on the floor before waking daddy; he only thought something was up when the monitor was making weird noises. She was playing with it!
  • eat most solid food, especially when cut up into pea sized pieces (very nice pincer grasp emerging :)
  • bang objects together, on the floor, on her parents and/or sister
  • give nice, wet kisses!
  • wave bu-bye and hello
  • she LOVES to eat strawberries (given whole!), blueberries (cut in half), apple, spaghetti and tomato sauce, avocado, rice, egg, beef, chicken, peas, asparagus, green beans, broccoli, (she actually has a special interest in all green vegetables, given steamed and as whole as possible) and whatever everyone else is eating

We love her soooo very much!! Happy 9 months little bug!




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Curiosity Hurts

This morning I had clothes in the dryer. Paige is only wearing dresses these days and so I need to keep up with laundry or getting her dressed is painful. If she has clean dresses, or any clothes she finds “pretty”, she gets herself all dressed on her own. So it’s worth the late night and early morning sorting.

Paige was eager to get her clothes for the day and headed down the stairs before I was ready. I heard a bit of a commotion, but no cries or screams. When I got to the bottom of the stairs, she hid from me. Then I noticed a mouse trap turned upside down. (While we were away, the basement tenants had caught a couple of mice and were continuing to be vigilant.)

I asked her what happened. She replied in a rush “I thought it was a mouse trapper, so I touched it and IT WAS A MOUSE TRAPPER!!!”. When I went to move the trap, she exclaimed “Don’t touch it, it will hurt you too!” She then showed me two fingers on her right hand (index and middle) which were slightly red, but not bruised or squished in anyway. I proceeded to examine her hand and fingers, and then we washed her hands well. Didn’t seem like they were seriously injured. She was just curious. And she probably learned her lesson.

After that, I laughed very hard. And out loud, more than once :) 

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