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A word about swim diapers

This may seem like a silly post, and perhaps it is. It’s also a bit of a rant. The truth is, I hate disposable swim diapers.

When Paige was in a mommy & me swim class at less than a year old, I used disposable swim diapers. In fact, most pools specify “No cloth swim diapers” or at least “Must use disposable swim diapers with children under 2 years”. Did you know that disposable swim diapers do not absorb liquid?? Of course they don’t otherwise they’d “swell up like a beach ball” as it says on the Huggies Little Swimmers webpage.

I learned this the difficult, and messy, way. In the essence of time, I put Paige’s swim diaper on before leaving the house. That way I could also get her swimsuit on, just like I had mine, under her clothes. When we got to the pool, we were not only late, but the class was actually and unexpectedly cancelled. And her carseat and clothes were soaking wet. So I guess the “Unique absorbent material won’t swell in water” that Huggies claims to have in their Little Swimmers is really something that doesn’t absorb at all.

So what are swim diapers for? To keep in solids. I don’t profess to know everything about cloth diapers, and I certainly do not know about every type or brand of cloth diapers, but I have learned a lot in the past 3.5 years. I also bought a wide variety of different brands and types and so have first hand knowledge of their best uses.

I primarily have pocket diapers. (note: I have never purchased from that site, it was just the first one that popped up on a Google search). They all have a waterproof outer liner. Usually it’s hidden on the inside of the outside material. The very inside, which will be against baby’s bottom, is often fleece or cotton. The problem is I have too many diapers. Luckily, I have a good selection of diapers that still work well, but much of the ones I do not use are not good enough to sell or even hand off to others. So I’ve decided to convert them into cloth swim diapers.

They will be perfect! I also used one in the past and although it was not soiled, it did work. A pocket diaper without an insert is very thin; I would argue even thinner than a disposable. And the great thing about the diapers I will be converting is that they are sizeable. Meaning they can be used for babies from 8-35 lbs! Most of them will look like these comfy rumps, as are that brand. I don’t think the velcro would be a good swim option so I am not sure how to recycle those yet!

Please let me know if you want/need one!! I have mostly blue and white, and still have to make them (am going to sew the pocket opening shut). And do not worry if your local pool says “No cloth swim diapers”! These cloth swim diapers all have a plastic-y material that keeps all solids in. And in my experience, only disposables allow for the “shooting up the back” type of leakage disaster!





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Diapering for Nighttime

Cloth diapering often seems daunting in the beginning. For me, it was because of all the laundry I would have to start doing on a regular basis; my previous once a month or so schedule wouldn’t cut it. But as it turns out, laundry every few days is a must with a baby whether or not you are using cloth diapers. The daunting part, quite frankly, is in the choice of diapers and diapering systems out there today.

The image that cloth diapers brought to the minds of my mother and mother-in-law when I said I was going to use cloth, were of the flat diapers that were used by them. These are the ones that need to be folded and pinned. Now, there are prefold diapers, pocket diapers, all-in-ones, one-size and fitted diapers, to name a few; plus, a diaper may be more than one of those! I have one-size pocket diapers, for example. You would think that because I’ve tried a variety of diapers, researched even more and have a number of friends using cloth, that I would have found the best combination for day/nighttime/travel use earlier than now, but that is not the case.

I successfully stripped my diapers since I last wrote about them repelling moisture. I am also happy to report that the next time I need to strip my diapers, I will be able to use my new utility sink, which is now in my laundry room, right beside my washing machine! So I won’t need to lug soaking wet, heavy diapers from my main floor bathroom to the laundry room downstairs. When my diapers were repelling, I started to use the Delora brand, partially compostable, disposable diapers for nighttime use, because I was tired of waking Paige in the middle of the night to not only change her diaper, but her soaking sleeper as well. I figured if she was starting to sleep longer at night, the last thing I needed to do was disrupt that, for both our sakes.

But I knew this was only a temporary solution. For one, I only have a finite amount of disposables, (I am not planning to buy more) and two, I have invested too much into cloth diapering to go back. A friend from my mom’s group recommended the new Bumboo diapers she started using. I was happy to check them out as they are from Earth, Mom and Baby, the place I got my awesome Panda pocket baby carrier from. They are bamboo, which helps wick moisture as well as continues to get more and more absorbent, up until the tenth wash, when they reach maximum absorbency.

Earth, Mom and Baby is a local company, just west of the city, and I was happy to support them again! The Bumboo diapers have two sizes – essentially newborn, and > 3 months. I decided to order a pack of 6. Luckily, I was also able to get a couple of diaper covers from another friend whose daughter is now almost 3, and I won’t have to buy any until Paige out grows these two.

I am happy to report that since I have now washed them the recommended 2 full times (before wear), they are working for nighttime! Paige wore one last night, and no leaks, only a very, heavy, sopping wet diaper in the morning! The diapers are sizable within the two main sizes, so should last until we no longer need diapers for Paige. I may even be able to get away from buying any other covers, as before I was sure they would work for the 10+ hours at night, I had put a Comfy Rumps diaper right over one Bumboo, and it worked too. Next time, I will just use the cover and won’t need to have a liner in it; then her butt won’t be nearly so big ;)


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