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Little B is growing so fast!

Bree is 9 months and 1 week old today!! Holy goodness – SLOW DOWN!

Here are some things about her; she can:

  • recognize her immediate family, and most extended family :)
  • crawl well, and fast, particularly when the bath is running and she doesn’t want to miss out
  • stand with the support of almost anything, and then stand for up to 3 seconds without holding onto anything
  • magically get off our family bed, without injury, to play on the floor before waking daddy; he only thought something was up when the monitor was making weird noises. She was playing with it!
  • eat most solid food, especially when cut up into pea sized pieces (very nice pincer grasp emerging :)
  • bang objects together, on the floor, on her parents and/or sister
  • give nice, wet kisses!
  • wave bu-bye and hello
  • she LOVES to eat strawberries (given whole!), blueberries (cut in half), apple, spaghetti and tomato sauce, avocado, rice, egg, beef, chicken, peas, asparagus, green beans, broccoli, (she actually has a special interest in all green vegetables, given steamed and as whole as possible) and whatever everyone else is eating

We love her soooo very much!! Happy 9 months little bug!




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Sewing creations and other noteworthy things!

Wow! Haven’t posted in awhile… first few months of this year I wasn’t feeling all too well thanks to baby number 2 (due Sept 6/13)! And Paige (+ 3 days per week of outside-of-the-home work) keeps me pretty busy.

Last week I was able to spend the week at my parents’ farm with Paige and accomplished much in the sewing and relaxation departments! We were there for 4 days in which I sewed 2 dresses, 1 nightgown, 1 pair of capri pants and 1 pair of shorts, all for Paige. See below for pics :)

On Saturday we attended a wonderful wedding in which Paige had the time of her life. She started dancing from the moment the DJ started warming up, along with the rest of the kids, and didn’t stop until we left at 10 pm. She was not impressed to leave at that point especially as it was “not over yet!”

I’ve also been meaning to post funny things she says, but have been falling behind in even my note book. One recent thing she said to Oma, in reference to the explanation that Oma gave about trucks needing gas to keep running like she does, was that “trucks do not have legs”. At the wedding, she adorably walked up to James, who was keeping an eye on her while she danced as our table was far from the dance floor, and said “Daddy can you go bye-bye? Go sit with mommy”. Hopefully I will recall some more soon and then post those!

Here is the first of the dresses I made. Both are from my T-shirts. For the green one I followed my own pattern, being able to keep the original bottom hem, part of the sleeves and the neck (albeit needed to detach and reattach them all). I also had to add the seem in the upper midsection as I immediately cut the bottom right (picture’s left) side of the original shirt off to keep the pattern; then I reattached it so that section was centered in the top portion. The red one (not shown) is loosely base off a pattern I got a couple of years ago (warhol dress). Once that one is clean I will get Paige to model it as well!Image

I made this one using fabric my mom gave me from an old comforter cover. I didn’t expect it to look so nightgown-esque (not sure what I was expecting) but it worked out nice. Very light, airy fabric. I really like the neck and arm holes which I had to sew into a channel to then feed the elastic band through. I can’t wait to get better fabric and make a proper dress from this pattern! Here is Paige right after waking this morning :)Image

Here are the capris I made using my (or a sibling’s) very old Russel athletic shorts. Considering I once again made up my own pattern, and it worked out, I need to start chronicling the process! I basically just folded the original shorts in half, laid a pair of capris that fit Paige over top with crotch seems matching. Then I cut to make the outside leg width (leaving about 3/4 inch seem allowance), and cut down for the inside of the leg from where the shorter crotch of her pants would be. Then I sewed the inside of the legs, then the outside of the legs. I even just found a perfect stitch for doing it!!! The “best” is to use a serger (which I do not own); but I found a great overlocking stitch on my machine that simultaneously does a straight (edge) stitch with a zig-zag outer stitch. In the past I’ve had to do those two stitches separately, but became lazy and just skipped the zig-zag altogether. And although I do not have picture evidence, these capris are incredibly adorable on Paige! Most pants do not fit her well as her legs are so thin. I am definitely making her many pants from now on! The other shorts I made were from my mom’s old shirt. I followed instructions from a book I recently bought “The Creative Family“, but made shorts instead of pants. Those also fit her very well! Kids have such cute little butts!!


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