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“Look at me! I’m Bree”

My little baby is 11 months old! And very able to let her needs, and wants, be apparent to all observers. She has 10 signs, 1 clear word (mama) and 3 word approximations: “baaww” = ball, “maaww” = more and “miiL” = milk. And is learning a new sign once a day; she is only limited by the fact that her family doesn’t know anymore signs!

A month into my sleep training expedition with Bree, (my own awkward compilation of Dr Jay Gordon’s “Sleep, changing patterns in the family”  and Dana Obleman’s Sleep Sense Program), she squeezed my heart, again. This time at 2:38 am this morning.

As usual, she went to bed last night in her crib awake, after our set routine, and was asleep by 8 pm. She woke at midnight first, and was soothed at about a medium rate; not quickly but not too stubbornly either. Then she woke at 2:38. I picked her up to soothe her with quiet singing, and “sshhh, nigh-nights”. But she had another idea. She said “mama”, patted my chest and said “Mmmi-LL” while very clearly signing ‘milk’. Then she said it again “mmmi-LL” and signed again.

My heart melted and I acknowledged that I knew what she meant; then I nursed her. For a few minutes, and not back to sleep. I couldn’t ignore her sudden vocal accomplishment, and it was worth a slight set back (I have set her morning nursing time for about 4 am).

Let’s see what tonight brings! But now I am prepared. I will lovingly, and clearly respond with “all-done milk; nigh-nights”, then continue to cuddle and soothe her as best as I can until it’s milk and cuddle time on my bed.

Now we are off to the library to pick up 2 signing books so we can all learn more together!


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Little B is growing so fast!

Bree is 9 months and 1 week old today!! Holy goodness – SLOW DOWN!

Here are some things about her; she can:

  • recognize her immediate family, and most extended family :)
  • crawl well, and fast, particularly when the bath is running and she doesn’t want to miss out
  • stand with the support of almost anything, and then stand for up to 3 seconds without holding onto anything
  • magically get off our family bed, without injury, to play on the floor before waking daddy; he only thought something was up when the monitor was making weird noises. She was playing with it!
  • eat most solid food, especially when cut up into pea sized pieces (very nice pincer grasp emerging :)
  • bang objects together, on the floor, on her parents and/or sister
  • give nice, wet kisses!
  • wave bu-bye and hello
  • she LOVES to eat strawberries (given whole!), blueberries (cut in half), apple, spaghetti and tomato sauce, avocado, rice, egg, beef, chicken, peas, asparagus, green beans, broccoli, (she actually has a special interest in all green vegetables, given steamed and as whole as possible) and whatever everyone else is eating

We love her soooo very much!! Happy 9 months little bug!



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