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Chicken pot pie :)

Today we decided to make chicken pot pies. The only part we didn’t do from scratch is the poached chicken; we used a roast chicken from Save on Foods. P helped chop up the chicken into perfect sized pieces, J cut the vegetables, and I made the scrumptious, deliciously flaky “basic pie crust”. We followed the recipe from the Joy of Cooking, which alone is quite a feat as you need to use a total of 3 recipes to complete the chicken pot pie one!

But as you can see, the results were worth the effort as we still have plenty of leftovers :)

P.S. A while back I bought P her own chopping knife; it’s similar to one I had when I worked at the clinic, however this one is specifically for cutting lettuce. It’s a serrated, plastic knife that is “sharp” enough to cut hard veggies, and not sharp to the touch; you could cut yourself with a sawing motion but not by just pressing down on the knife. She loves it and has chopped carrots, potatoes, apples and chicken to help with food prep. i definitely recommending getting one for your preschooler!


IMG_0609We also made a ninth dish which was about twice as big as these 7 ounce ramekins.


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