A Weekly Event

Staying at home with your kids can become monotonous. Not just weekly, even daily and sometimes hourly. Make food; make coffee; feed kids; reheat coffee; wash kids; attempt to get kid(s) to nap; finally drink coffee, cold. Repeat most of that.

It’s ironic to schedule ongoing obligations only to feel weighed down by them. To want to stay home to “clean” the house, or “finish” the laundry, but to also despise the days where you have nothing planned. Feeling then obligated to complete said chores.

I applied to start Grad School this fall. And I am going back to work in August. I feel I should enjoy the time I have with my kids and I do, but I also can’t wait to do what’s next. Just like when you are a kid you can’t wait to be an adult. But you also love playing and being a kid. You just don’t realize it.

My goal: post weekly. Get in the habit of writing again, prior to starting school. I think I should set an alarm on my phone…



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2 responses to “A Weekly Event

  1. I always look forward to your blog posts! Keep them coming!

  2. Joy

    Hahaha, you said it. Especially the re-heated coffee, LOVE it! :p Every day I’m still drinking some version of the ‘morning’ coffee pretty much all day. Hmm, probably why I love any excuse to stop by a coffee drive-thru ‘on my way’ to an obligation :)

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