A word about things

The things I am referring to are possessions. And the word is: minimal.

Here I have 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of tights (one capris), 4 t-shirts, a few long sleeved shirts and some nursing pyjamas. I have already outgrown (slimmed out to be exact) one pair of jeans. And recently I bought/ordered some nursing wear from Japanese Weekend which I love! Pricey but stylish and practical since I’ll be nursing for (presumably) another 10 months or more. I got 3 semi-casual shirts, a dress and a fancy shirt I will probably wear at Christmas. Back home (prior to this move in particular which became an opportunity to purge) I had at least 10 pairs of pants, more than 20 shirts and many dresses. And that is likely a gross underestimation.

Paige has her toy critter house, her dolls, some play food and a baby doll. Paige has a lot of clothes. She gets them dirty pretty fast and even though I frequently do laundry, I prefer getting to sort and fold at my leisure.

Breanna has only a few onsies, sleepers and outfits that she fits into now, as I decided to bring a variety of sizes. A good thing too as she continues to grow like a weed! I packed 2 very full suitcases to come here; 1.5 were full of clothes and toys for the kids.Plus a playpen I stuffed with some cloth diapers.

Our home is small but tastefully decorated and well organized. I think I should read the book he has titled “the smaller home”.

I like things but this home has made me realize (in a more pronounced way) that having 1 high quality item is better than a few cheaper and lower quality ones. Since having kids however, I have started to prioritize and budget anyway. First out of necessity but secondly out of practicality. This home is full of very high quality things, and minimal of everything.

Kids have lots of stuff and it slowly takes over the entire home. Especially if you do not realize how fast it can happen! I like the idea of Paige using her imagination with random household items, and having little in the way of toys makes that happen all the more easily. She is a very good pretender and when we get back I am happy to say we won’t be keeping a lot of her toys that went into storage in the garage. Hurray!

On another note, Paige is happily enjoying her gymnastics and dance classes she attends, each once a week. And today we tried out Little Artistas  class. She was the only one! But generally there will be her and other 3 year old girl. She did fine for the entire 1.5 hours. Which bodes well for Breanna and I as it’s a drop off class too :)



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2 responses to “A word about things

  1. Shevenell

    Love this post! To live simply is this overly complicated, consumerism world is so difficult. I like your idea of having a closet of fewer but high quality clothes. I fall into the Value Village trap of buying stuff because its cheap but then it may not fit perfectly and I don’t end up wearing it as much. Grrr!

  2. Thanks Shevenell! My next line of action is to get people to stop buying my kids presents! Did you read this post – http://www.yummymummyclub.ca/life/celebrate/20131024/the-gift-of-not-giving-a-thing that Joy put on FB? I think it’s a great concept: giving experiences and not physical things. Hope you are doing well! Can’t wait to catch up in person in the New Year.

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