The hilly life; a late post (thoughts from a week ago…)

We have been here 3 weeks and the hills of San Francisco are definitely getting easier to manage. Even while pushing my 2 kids in our new sit N stand double stroller. When full of heavy groceries (ie. 4L jug of milk, eggs, fruit etc.).

Two kids are definitely more work than one; maybe not always double the work – sometimes half as much more and (I swear!) other times thrice as much!

We hit the Noe playground at least once a day. And Paige plays “hopscotch” in the back yard. Or plays with her clay on the outdoor table, while I nurse, change and put Bree to sleep, over and over again. We often time outings to be during Bree’s nap time so I can watch Paige and maybe even drink a whole latte in one go.

My parents were here a few days and the time went by more easily. More hands to help the kids with their needs and wants. But currently James is back in E-town… 2 full days and nights … on my own …

The first day I did my longest walk yet; 1.6 miles or 2.6 km. We hit the park twice the second day. Thank goodness for my mother-in-law coming the third day! (James came home after 4 days away.)


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