Make-it-thru-the-day Mondays!

Here I am in San Francisco, one of the coolest cities in the US, and I still hate Mondays. When I was trying to put down my baby (who is 6 weeks old tomorrow!) for the second time to nap this morning, it dawned on me: now that I am truly a stay-at-home-mom for the year, I need to adopt some sort of routine. And I love this title for Mondays: just Make-it-thru-the-day. 

The weekly schedule with funky names concept was written by Carisa here

The weekend was so nice as hubby was home, and I wasn’t the only one to meet both girls’ needs. The last few weeks have been very hectic. I even got to have a 2 hour nap with the girls yesterday! Oh yes, Sundays are heavenly; a strictly non-religious type of wonderful.

We have had excursions though, both with daddy and on our own. I found a great meat shop: Avedano’s, which we need to remember to order from on Friday…

We have visited the park at Noe Rec center and even went to the zoo on Saturday. Both of which we will be checking out again, and again! There are even classes that Paige can participate in. She really needs somewhere to let out her creative energy.

I think I even have enough groceries to make supper tonight without being obligated to go to a store! Now that’s a reason to smile :)



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2 responses to “Make-it-thru-the-day Mondays!

  1. Hey! I have some hits coming in from your site so I thought I’d come over for a visit and here you are mentioning me! Very cool of you. (Almost as cool as that peacock print t-shirt turned child’s dress craftiness I caught a glimpse of in the post below.) If you’ve got a 6 week old and another little one running around the house with you, I’m impressed you had the chance to even type the words ‘make-it-through’, let alone apply it to Monday only. Congratulations on your baby and thank you kindly for the mention!

  2. Thanks Carisa! I very much enjoy your blog; it’s inspiring. I hope to keep posting small notes during my maternity leave year. Cheers!

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