Oh the things we have seen!

I realized last night that I have not taken any good pictures since we have been in California. We have done lots of fun things, and gone to a variety of places, but alas I have few pictures to prove any of it. My post-baby life has definitely put my expensive (and in need of a new lens) camera on the very back burner of my mind.

To start, we took a drive to San Francisco where we met our good friends. It turned out that the city was having an air show the weekend of Canadian Thanksgiving and was overly populated with tourists. We merely strolled around Fisherman’s Wharf to grab food, coffee and then headed north in our rented car, over the Golden Gate bridge, out to Sausalito. Our destination: The Bay Area Discovery Museum. The price was steep for adults ($15) but a great deal for kids over 1 ($15). We definitely did not maximize our fun with a ratio of 4 adults to 1 child at a kid’s museum, but we all enjoyed her enthusiasm and excitement.

The next day (Sunday) we set out to the Campbell farmers market. The main street (Campbell Ave) is closed to car traffic and becomes a fresh produce shopper’s dream. We bought veggies, and fruit and I bought a lovely white and purple orchid. Paige got her favorite thing of all – a balloon. But this time it was her first animal balloon and she chose to have an elephant made. Its shape didn’t hold up to her manipulations and was only a very long, thin green balloon by the time we got back home.

That afternoon, we went to Santa Cruz and parked ourselves on the giant, beautiful, white sand beach. Paige thought the beach was great, until she saw the amusement park and the gigantic rides. She insisted she wanted to go on the one that takes you up 125 feet only to drop you, over and over again. While our friends soaked up the sun, we headed to the Beach Boardwalk. As we got closer, Paige was still convinced she could go on the rides. Luckily, she was too small for the big ones, and even more luckily she decided she was actually scared of most of them. It turned out there were 2 rides she could go on: the Carousel and the Convoy (semi truck train). Paige and I went on the Convoy twice, but she cried when it was time to get on the Carousel, so we didn’t.

This past week, Paige’s grandpa and grandma Neufeld came to visit. On the second day, we took her on the train to the Children’s Discovery Museum in San Jose. Here I can actually add some pictures! And again, she was ecstatic and could have stayed forever.

Paige loved the water area! Here you could gather the light, plastic balls and place them into an air filled tube that would blow the balls up, and shoot them over an empty expanse, where they would hopefully land into the water vortex.

Grandpa helped Paige to feel the water fountain. When you touched the water, in turned into steam!

Oh and now for something completely different, today I was searching for Nutella at Trader Joe’s. I was sad to find, they don’t have anything like that. They did carry chocolate almond butter, but I didn’t want to try it. Instead, I opted to try the Cookie Butter. Best. Decision. Ever. Eating by the spoonful now! There might not even be any left for Paige to try when she gets up from her nap :)

Next time, I will provide some pictures of the Monterey Aquarium.


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