California Sunshine

Today is day two of being in Campbell, California. Campbell is a suburb of San Jose, but is far superior to any suburb I know of back in Edmonton. It’s actually its own city, with a Whyte Ave type main street, with many lovely shops, and a never-ending labyrinth of walking and biking trails. It’s extremely walkable to all kinds of stores, so for a “suburb” it’s grand!

Paige is busy outside in the small cement backyard of the house we are renting. The owner is our roommate and one of the nicest, gentlest people I’ve ever met. He welcomed James into his home on the weekend, and graciously welcomed us on Tuesday night. It’s incredibly nice to hear “make yourself at home” and then feel that someone means it wholeheartedly.

He brought her a second hand tricycle to play with, and today she is well on her way to learning to drive it. However, as she just announced “it’s hard for me!”, mostly due to the shortness of her legs. Last night she was serving her Winnie the Pooh and Horsie at the glass dining table. She set them each on a chair and herself on another. When James asked if he could join, she was dismayed as she thought he would be taking Winnie’s chair! She was relieved to see there was a fourth chair at the table.

The house we are staying in is a 4 bed, 4 bathroom home, designed and built by the owner we are staying with. The main floor is long, with a sitting area, an office, a bedroom with a beautiful walk-in shower. A dining area with a lovely glass table is in the middle of the house. The living room is across from the open kitchen, between which sits the island counter which doubles as a bar to sit and eat at.

Our rooms are on the second floor, separated by a bathroom. Across the open hall is the master suite. I have not seen inside but James reported seeing a large master bedroom with full jacuzzi tub and walk-in shower ensuite, as well as double sinks and a vanity station.

Within a couple of blocks, there is a school yard with a little playground. But the first evening we went there, we got locked in! I did find a janitor to let us out, however he was reluctant at first to assist us at all. It’s a private school, I guess.

Down the way, starting about 3 blocks from the house, is the Los Gatos Creek Trail, which takes us directly, and quickly, to Campbell Park. Paige excitedly enjoyed swings and slides there yesterday. We also had lunch with James in the park yesterday after we got groceries and lunch from Trader Joe’s.

This afternoon, we met up with James again for lunch. And we got me a bike! It’s a bit beaten up but very light weight. We also just ordered a bike trailer for Paige! Very excited to get it in a few days :)



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2 responses to “California Sunshine

  1. Eileen Radesh

    Ok, clearly you guys moved to
    California!!! Wow! I hate to say no one told me but your mom called twice & I never have a chance to call back!!!!! Why do I finally have minute? Its more like 2 1/2 hrs as I sit in emergency with Taylor who wacked her head on the gym floor playing volleyball. At least she got a point!!! Look at what you have to look forward to? Tell me about why your in San Jose?

    • HI Eileen! James is here working for 4 months (until end of Dec) and it’s a possibility that we will move here in the future. So Paige and I came to check it out too. We’re here for Oct and will be back in California for a couple of weeks in Dec. I got a new job in August so I couldn’t take the whole time off. Thanks for reading!

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