First, a Story

My baby girl is getting farther and farther from actually being considered a baby. She is most definitely a toddler, now less than a week from being 22 months old. However, considering I can still keep track of her age in months, I will continue to call her my baby.

The other day she was, yet again, insisting on playing her favorite game with Gido, Oma and Mommy: the game of “hide”. Or to be more specific Paige, and whomever else she chooses, “hide” under a blanket and wait to be “found” by another person of Paige’s choosing. On this day, she had bounded under a blanket while on the bed, her Gido beside her, but not under the blanket. She wanted Oma to find her. When Oma began her search, feeling across the bouncing and conspicuously shaped blanket, she felt something round and declared “What is this? Is it a ball? It feels like a ball”.

Upon hearing this, Paige immediately stopped bouncing and exclaimed, to her obviously confused Oma, “It’s A HEAD”. At this point, the adults in the room started laughing uncontrollably and Paige came out of her hiding spot to give her most winning “I’m hilarious” smile.

The next morning, when Paige woke me up, I asked her “Do you remember how Oma thought your head was a ball?”. Paige laughed a little giggle and touched her head. Then she thought about it. She pointed to my head and said “Mommy’s head. Mommy’s BALL”, and continued to giggle. What a silly goose!


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