Should I stay or should I go… to work?

I’ve already decided that I need to continue to work outside of the home. It was primarily a financial decision, but since I’ve been back to work, I’ve also been very grateful for the time away from Paige. These past five months have been busy, memorable, enjoyable and exhausting.

I love being at work where I can have a coffee without someone wanting to share it with me or needing me to play peek-a-boo or chase Right NOW! Neither of which are easy or safe to play properly with a hot beverage in hand. I enjoy being able to finish it while still warm at least half of the time (…I realize now that work also gets in the way of finishing my coffee while still hot, most of the time). I like driving to and from client’s homes where I am the only one in the car – no singing nursery rhymes or trying to pass toys and objects back and forth while driving our manual car. Wait! Who I am really kidding?! I still sing children’s songs when it’s only me in the car – after all I was the one who chose them! – but I enjoy entertaining only myself on those rides.

I’ve recently increased my working days to 3.5 per week, plus contract work I do “my own time“. Can you guess which day is my longest? Definitely the one where I am with little Miss P in the morning, and then ‘at work’ in the office for 4 hours in the afternoon. It generally starts the earliest and continues past ‘quitting time’. I do love the idea of sleeping in however, and we usually take the opportunity to remain in our pajamas as long as possible and eat a full, warm breakfast. Albeit I almost always forget to eat lunch…

The truth is, I need some time away from my little monster. Now only days from being 17 months old (eeek!!!) she is very active, talkative and still requires most of my daily energy. This way, I feel the time we spend together can be more quality time, because a) we have to make up for quantity, and b) I feel glad that some else is chasing after her for a few days every week!

An article posted by a friend and mother-of-three extraordinaire on Facebook back in January was such a wonderful read that I wanted to share it again here. It’s titled: “To The Mother With Only One Child“, written by Simcha Fisher. I have only briefly perused her personal blog, and although my core beliefs differ significantly, her writing is appreciable and I am very grateful to have read this piece.

My heart swells, and lightens as I re-read this note to ‘Mothers of One’. Although I highly recommend reading the original article in full, if you are short on time, and particularly if you are a mother of one short on time, read the last few paragraphs, starting from “Dear Mother…”.



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3 responses to “Should I stay or should I go… to work?

  1. Niki

    OMG, Thea! Just read “The Mother of Only One Child” and did it ever resonate with me!! Both in how I felt when I had just little Celeste and now how it feels with 3 little people to care for. Couldn’t have said it better myself! Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Shevenell

    Thea, I really related to this post. Thanks so much for sharing. A also find myself really enjoying work, partially for the break and freedom to have “me” time. I love having the benefits of part-time work without the guilt. Our little girls are growing up and life is never going to be quite the same again is it? Happy running around to you!

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