Scrapbook-ing Here I Come!

Tomorrow is a big day for me – my first scrapbooking marathon. One. Whole. Day. I will scrapbook my heart out… and Paige’s first year!

I finally got the pictures a couple of hours ago, after an endless day of driving around, unsuccessfully to use my USB stick at a photo kiosk. So convenient are they when they do not work. As it turns out, ordering online, from a remote location (aka Anywhere) is faster than taking all of your pictures on a handy flash drive directly to the photo lab that will be printing them off. The “one hour” photos took closer to 3 to be ready, but on the day before my Big day, I was just happy the lab was open until 9 pm (I ordered the photos just before 4 pm).

Unfortunately I only made it through 10 months of Paige’s life in pictures; from when she turned 1 in October 2011, back to January 2011. That took me about 5 hours. I have a ton of pictures. And it got me thinking: ‘How many pictures does one need of ones own child?’ Especially when they are ALL digital and never viewed, except to print off for putting into an album of sorts.

I went through at least 12 files of pictures on my computer, each averaging 30-40 pictures. That led me to another thought ‘I should only upload “good” pictures from my camera’.

Part of the problem with deciding what a “good” picture is is in the eye of the beholder. I am slightly biased towards thinking any image of my daughter, in almost any light, clothing or not, and environment, is worth preserving. Particularly when you consider the alternative, which is losing that unique, millisecond perspective that can never be seen again; that is, unless caught on camera.

I am all packed and ready to go! Here are a few of my favorite photos from the past year.


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