This is ME

Thinking about my lack of posting recently made me a little bit sad and also made me think that I started blogging too late. Of course, not too late in my life (better late than never) but too late in my maternity leave year to have fully integrated blogging into my schedule. I definitely underestimated how busy I would be after going back to “work”. And I don’t even work full time out of my home yet!

Once a week, I receive an email about blogging from I usually open the email just so the new email notification goes away, and I never read a word of it. This time I went back a few and read one. It was about other people’s blogging ambitions for the upcoming year; every single one was about blogging every single day for this year! Now, that is inspiring. So, on that note, I decided to write about me this time.

What I think about the most these days is food. When time is limited, and I am really hungry, I sometimes dread the thought of whipping something up from the meager groceries we have in the house. But when I have lots of time before our next meal, and I can plan something elaborate and delicious, I enjoy the planning, shopping, food prep, cooking and eating involved. I am also happy to report that Paige loves shopping and eating too.

I also love having a clean house, which is a rarity these days. I don’t mind some mess, but dislike a dirty home. Usually, I settle for an untidy living room and a clean kitchen. I like scented candles in the bathroom both for the ambience they provide and the pleasant smell. I dislike doing laundry but like when it’s all done, and have lately started folding late into the evening to enjoy a missed episode of a favorite show.

I really enjoy sewing, and cannot wait to do another project! Paige almost fits into the dress I made her; hopefully it will fit during some occasion where many pictures are taken.

I miss playing soccer, but have been able to play volleyball periodically. Unfortunately, my volleyball games are on the same night as James’ soccer games, so I often have to miss. But I have started going regularly to a local improv show and I eagerly await each week’s episode.

I do not usually make New Year’s Resolutions, but perhaps I will make some this year. Perhaps one could be to post at least once a month!



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3 responses to “This is ME

  1. John Myslicki

    Busy lady, Thea.

  2. Alex

    The older I get the more I live for my next meal I find! Your house is always one of the cleanest I know.

  3. Oh no! Just once a month?

    You may be very surprised to find you have *more* free time when you go back to work, Thea . . .

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