Savoring the moment

Paige is asleep… yup, she’s still sleeping! I nursed her to sleep, as usual, then transferred her to her crib (which is beside our bed, like a side car, but with all 4 sides up). Shortly after leaving the room, I heard her moan softly, then cry ever so slightly; I waited. A little more soft crying, then her familiar “ahhhhhhh-ahhhhhhh-ahhh” that she does when she is trying to put herself to sleep. However, this is usually when she is in the car, or we are carrying or pushing her during a walk or outing; this is not what she does when she is left alone in her crib. But lo and behold, within 2 minutes I heard nothing; just utter silence.

I should add that I had started doing dishes the minute, nay, second after I left Paige, and only hesitated to go directly back to her because my hands were dirty and wet. I only continued to do dishes because she did not cry or scream out in sadness or fear; she simply tried to put herself to sleep without me!

So now, after doing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen, the living room and her bedroom, I read about our new Premier. I would have to say I am excited and impressed for many reasons. First off, she’s a woman!!!!! Secondly, she has a good track record of representing human rights, fighting for gender equality and obviously cares about education for all. And she has already stirred up seats at the Legislature. Hurray for Alison Redford!

What led me to read, in more detail, about our new, female, Premier was this trailer: Miss Representation. A documentary I do not want to miss.

And now for something completely different (I should watch more Monty Python…) I have (possibly…) invented quite a successful way of getting Paige to eat pureed prunes. Being a baby who was never spoon fed, or fed pureed foods at all, Paige was adverse to me feeding her so I had a difficult time trying to get any prunes into Paige when nature wasn’t doing its part. Being a non-waster of food, I wasn’t about to toss a jar of prunes, I did what most people do with homemade baby food: I froze it in an ice cube tray, in nice, equal portions.

The next day, I took one cube out, ready to attempt spoon feeding again. When I popped a cube out, I realized that they do not freeze solid, but are rather the consistency of a firm banana or cooked carrot, albeit very cold (soothing to sore gums) with a melt-in-your-mouth texture. Not giving it much thought, I chopped one into pea-sized pieces and put them on Paige’s tray; to my surprise and utter delight, Paige tried one, then another and soon had gobbled them all up! I gave her another cube, cut up, and then another. Before I knew it, she had eaten about half the jar and was wanting more still!

And so a new way to feed pureed foods to a baby who prefers to self feed. Perhaps this is a common practice that I was unaware of, or perhaps I am a genius :)



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3 responses to “Savoring the moment

  1. John Myslicki

    Nice work, Momma! New mommies will love that idea, Thea.

  2. Moosegirl

    Apricots will do the same thing… ooey gooey goodness :o)

  3. Thanks John! And good reminder Meg! Paige does like dried apricots so we usually eat those :)

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