These past many months…

I left off reminiscing about January 2011 last time. I can’t believe it’s already October 2011 and my baby is almost 1! That’s why I feel I should write about these past many months, or I will never catch up.

Paige gave me her first giggle during an “airplane” ride January 26 (she lying in prone on my shins, while I am in supine, with my knees bent towards my chest). Then I laughed out loud, scaring her half to death, and she started to cry profoundly. Oops. Luckily she began to giggle more and more often, and I kept my own response to a minimum, as least with regard to sudden noise, aka immediately bursting with laughter. We had lunch earlier that day with Aunt Steph at Cafe Mosaics. At 3 months old, Paige weighed 14.4 lbs at home.

The day after Valentines Day, Paige gave us her first out loud laugh; I think it was because I was doing something ridiculous to try and make her laugh. It worked I guess. We found out that Paige would have a little cousin in August after going to dinner downtown with Aunt Layla and Uncle Lucas. She rolled for the first time from her back to her tummy, on February 21 while naked on the bathroom floor. It was a surprise to both of us!

In March she began to roll from her back to her tummy, as well as more obviously find her feet to play with. She also started to transfer objects from one hand to the other with intent. In April, I noticed her first two teeth poking through. This came as a pleasant surprise because we had not really noticed her “teething”. From then on however, we did start to correlate her night waking (usually at 4 am for a couple of hours) with new teeth coming in.

Just before Easter, we let Paige try some solid food. We gave her some very cooked red peppers from a Vietnamese dish. She was overjoyed about being a part of the meal and even licked it more than once! At Easter, she was an active participant during the meal and gave us our first gagging show. Mashed potatoes are still not her favourite.

We started swimming lessons at the YMCA with our goods friends, Meghan and Kate in May. Both babies had a blast, and us moms were happy to oblige their interest in water and other babies. Paige weighed 16 lbs 3 ounces on her Oma’s Birthday – May 3. For Mother’s Day, I was given the morning “off” to shower and 2 beautiful bouquets. What a lovely first Mother’s Day for me!

In June, Paige got her 5th tooth and attended her first wedding. Her second cousins just adored her and she was happy to entertain them. She also did amazing during the ceremony and enjoyed the reception. She fell asleep on mommy’s lap around 10 pm, and slept on Gido’s lap until we went home. Such a trooper.

July proved to be quite eventful. Paige spontaneously started clapping, and began to sit up from all fours. She also attended her second wedding (needing to be walked around during the ceremony, but enjoyed the reception). It wasn’t until August that she began to crawl however; it started out as a one-knee-and-one-foot “crawl” and has now morphed into a “bear-walk” most of the time (walking with hands and feet, not on hands and knees), although she does change it up depending on what mode is fastest on the current floor. August turned out to be even more gross motor oriented for Miss Paige as once she started “crawling” she also started to pull to stand on more, and every, things, then began to cruise along furniture (walk while holding onto the furniture), and walk with her walker, or anything that could be pushed! Paige also began to point at objects.

Aunt Carla treated Paige and I to a play at the Fringe festival after returning home from Philadelphia. It was called “Worry Wort” and Paige loved it! The cast afterwards commented on her being such an awesome baby as she did not cry or fuss during the show; only the occassionally “Oooh”, “Ooo” and “Ahhh” were heard.

Paige demonstrated her first sign on September 10; she pointed to the ceiling and waved her finger for “fan”. We have a fan in every room and she is very enamoured with them, so it makes sense. She continues to say “fan” every morning to me when she wakes up. She is able to sign “milk”, “all-done”, wave “bubye” and “blow kisses” (which is her licking her hand :). She knows mommy, daddy, and kitty; when asked if she wants to have a bath she will crawl to the tub in the bathroom, and she raises her arms high above her head when you ask her “how big is Paige?”. She can shake her head “no” for no, or just for fun, and she is starting to imitate sounds, such as ‘no-no’, and ‘wee’ but not consistently. Paige can say (and whisper) “wow” which she uses often, and appropriately (as it fits most situations), “whoa”, and “oooh”. I particularly like when she says “oh wow”; she’ll do this when you do something amazing, such as one hand toss and catch a plastic ball. She also says muma, dada and makes “k” sounds for kitty.

In 3 and a half weeks, we will be celebrating her first birthday. The time has gone by so very fast, and she is progressing in every way even faster now.



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2 responses to “These past many months…

  1. Meghan

    Oh my goodness I love the tub pictures! I really should read through my journal to reminisce about the past 12 months. Paige amazes me!

  2. I swear it was just yesterday she was born!!! She is growing so fast!!!

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