The First Few Months…

I am tired but awake, happily cherishing time apart from my little munchkin, who is napping with her daddy. It’s Sunday and although I could really use a nap, I also really need some time to myself.

Last night, as I lay awake in bed, watching my little baby sleep, I tried to recount the past 10, nay 10 and a half, almost (gasp!) 11 months and thought I would try to make note of the most memorable moments so far.

Little Miss P was a sweet little pumpkin for her first Halloween and attended her first Halloween party when she was 3 days old; it was on Saturday, October 30, 2010 at her “Auntie” Alex and “Uncle” Sean’s place.

Her first trip to the Neufeld farm happened when she was 2.5 weeks old. She did awesome on the car ride, but cried most of the night once we arrived. On November 22, 2010, Paige gave me her first genuine smile :)

The wonderful neighbours back home hosted a baby shower for Paige on the 28th of November; we stayed with Oma at the Shukaliak farm that night. The next weekend, we had a “Meet Paige” party at our home. Both resulted in Paige getting many lovely gifts and plenty of nice clothes. We are still enjoying the gifts and clothes!

When daddy was away in Vancouver for a conference in early December, I tried a pacifier with Paige. She didn’t know what to make of it, but eventually decided it was pretty okay. Paige’s first trip to Calgary was the weekend of December 10 with Grandma and Grandpa Neufeld. We stayed with Paige’s Great Aunt Darlene and Uncle Neil and visited with her Great Grandma Neufeld.

Paige went to her first restaurant for Aunt Amber’s birthday; we went to the Blue Chair. As became custom, Paige wanted to eat exactly when my plate of food arrived.

It was Paige’s first Christmas in 2010 and she loved the warm, colourful atmosphere this special holiday brings. 

Our first mom’s group was at our house on January 13, 2011. We had 5 moms, 2 toddlers, 2 baby boys and 3 baby girls!

We tested out Paige’s high chair at Langano Skies, an Ethiopian restaurant on January 16, 2011. She was very interested in the busy wall art and different lights. She slept through the actual meal, which was perfect for us as you need to eat with your hands!

My little munchkin is now up, so until next time, Cheers!


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