A Vacation to Remember – Part 2

We woke earlier on our shopping day, but not by much, and we had a lot to do before shopping. We needed to get ready, pack up and check out. The hotel was nice enough to let us store our luggage while we went to eat breakfast.

We ate at a lovely, colourful cafe called Sabrina’s. It was crowded but we got a table right away, and a highchair for Miss P. I could not resist something from the special menu: sweetened cream cheese stuffed french toast, smothered with a white chocolate sauce. We should have taken note of the portion sizes of the customers around us however, because they were gigantic and we all had leftovers, being only able to eat half or less of our dish.

After we went back to our hotel and grabbed our bags. Luckily our new hotel was only 3 blocks away. I wheeled Paige and everyone else pushed one and pulled the other piece of luggage down the sidewalk. Although it was only 1 pm, our room was ready for us and we were able to put our leftovers in the fridge and freshen up from the humid walk.

Then, finally, we set off for shopping. Our first stop was Zara. Lots of clothes to see but only one sister bought much at all. I bought a very cute, short, summer dress, that I later changed into. Next stop – Steve Madden for shoes. We each bought a pair. Mine were some lovely sandals – Cabezza – that were on sale, but, of course, are cheaper now! They were so comfortable that I wore them most of the day and walk around town in them now still.

Another familiar store we hit ended up  being a huge shopping success: good ole’ H&M. Our arms, and Paige’s stroller, were overflowing with clothes on the way to the change rooms. Fortunately for our arms, and the stroller, not everything was our size or style. I was able to check off the clothing items I needed from my list, which was a bonus. By this time however, we were very thirsty and in need of a rest. At Barnes and Noble we found a Starbucks and greedily ordered a drink and treat; or in my case, a treat-in-a-drink, aka a Frappuccino® (I got a caffe vanillaplus a treat. But I was sorely disappointed by the whip on top not being real whipping cream. Oh well. I did very much enjoy my chocolate cheese cake though, and drank most of the Frappuccino® later anyway.

After that we stopped at another shoe store, Aerosoles. Again, we almost all bought a pair of shoes. Only my youngest sister did not get any shoes from there. Mine were again on sale! Now I had 2 new pairs of shoes and they totaled only $100 American. Pretty good deal if I do say so.

Our last stop for the day was of course, Macy’s in Center City. It was the first of many trips to Macy’s because 1- it’s a giant store with a wide selection of everything, and 2- it was a perfect meeting spot in central Philadephia. I got a much needed new wallet with strap (so I can now have my money, cards, phone and keys in a handy carrying wallet while still being able to lug Paige :) and a nice, new, brown “leather” belt.

For dinner we ate at a fancy seafood restaurant; the name escapes me now. But I had some delicious fish and chips, and was even able to polish off the exceptionally large serving of deep fried fish and mound of tasty fries.

We arrived back to our new hotel room exhausted and ready to veg on the couch with the tv on.

That concludes part 2 of our trip. I wish I had more time to complete the entire story today, but alas I do not. Hopefully I will get to it soon!


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