Quick new shirt!

Last night, again about midnight, I decided to start sewing. This time I took a tacky nice tourist T-shirt from Hawaii and turned it into this raglan tee, using some goofy pants I bought from Superstore a looong time ago but never wore for the trim (ribbing) and sleeves.

Here are the pics! Yup, made it a little small ;)



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6 responses to “Quick new shirt!

  1. So cute!!! You are so creative. Whenever I read mags at the gym and they take two dresses from the Salvation Army or equiv. and cut up pieces and sew them together and turn them into rad new dresses, I think “awesome–but who would actually do it??” and the answer is: YOU!

  2. Meghan

    You amaze me! P looks so cute in that!

  3. this is adorable!! i love it. :D

  4. Nice job!! That looks fantastic :o)

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