First Baby Dress!

I finally did it, I made Paige a dress! Yesterday, Paige and I started “sorting” my pile of scrap sewing material, most of which consists of clothes I no longer wear but still like and keep in hopes that I will find a use for the fabric someday. It was then that I came across a skirt I once loved and thought “I could turn this into a dress for Paige”.

Later, as I was perusing my new favourite website, Craftiness is not Optional, I came across the perfect tutorial, skirt to dress refashion. And suddenly, whilst in the midst of searching for other future sewing ideas, I decided to get out of bed at 12:30 am and start sewing! But, the more I looked at my skirt, the more I was sure I couldn’t actually refashion it so simply. Luckily, I had also come across this tutorial, pretty. easy. sundress., and thought “this is it!”.

Although the material is clearly not summer-esque, I am very happy with the results. A few minor errors that I am not going to mention (see if you can find any :), and some things I would do differently next time, but all in all a success. The only downside: she won’t fit into it until she’s about 1 year! Which, coincidently works out great as by then it will be cold and can be worn with a long sleeve shirt and tights.

See below for the skirt (after I made the first cut I remembered to take a before picture!) and the new dress :)



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12 responses to “First Baby Dress!

  1. Amber

    very cute!

  2. Meghan

    THEA! That is so wicked! You are my hero. I would have NEVER guessed that it was your first dress!

  3. Shevenell

    Wow, so cute! Nice work! You are so crafty :)

  4. Ariel

    Wow, that’s beautiful Thea. I might have to try making one for Hudson now. It had not occurred to me to save old clothes to make into new clothes. So thanks for that idea too!

    I have only made her 1 dress so far and it won’t fit for another year. It was fairly simple. If you are interested here is the pattern:

    That same site also has the pattern for making a matching diaper cover.

    • Thanks Ariel. While I was making it, I was sure it wasn’t going to turn out; each piece just seemed a little off. But the finished product worked out! Thanks for the link. I would love to try that dress and make a matching cover too. I have a hard time throwing things away, so refashioning is perfect!

  5. very cute! A little fabric flower would look adorable pinned to the front! Nice job!

  6. mom

    That is so totally cute. I can’t wait for Paige to be in it.

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