Baby Tears

I passed the test today. Paige had her first fall with tears and blood shed, but I reacted with empathy, and did not faint.

She was reaching for something from a sitting position and fell forward, as she sometimes does, onto her face but this time she did not cry because it scared her. She whimpered first, then proceeded to scream so loudly, at the top of her lungs, that I knew she must have actually hurt herself. I felt in her mouth quickly with a finger and saw blood, and I did not feel faint or woozy. So, I think that is classified as a pass. Yay for me! Boo for Paige who then got a fat (upper) lip. But she did really want to nuzzle closely for the next few minutes.

When Paige was a newborn, her piercing cry was not heard very often, but when she cried, we held her. And we wondered aloud and in our minds, “WHAT could be wrong…”, particularly as she was changed, fed, being snuggled and walked around. The newborn cry was something my husband nor I (or anyone I know for that matter) could not ignore, so we endured it while constantly second guessing our current plan of action. Now that Paige is bigger, she no longer has that heart-wrenching, something terrible must be wrong cry, or at least not with the very same sense of urgency.

She still has a the-world-is-going-to-end cry, but we are now wiser. If we know she has been fed, and changed, and is in comfy, dry clothes and nothing is pinching her, then we can relax while simultaneously continuing to rock and hold her, which will eventually settle her down. That is unless we can’t change the situation to be able to rock and hold her; such as when driving on the busy highway.

Paige is also getting wiser. She knows that a yell will get our attention, and that sometimes her fussing will lead us to make a change. And when she does feel like the world might end, often when her mommy is unable to take her at the moment, she brings out the big guns, aka crocodile tears. And although I do, generally, think of them as “false” tears (no real danger or physical pain), or rather an exaggerated reaction, I do sympathize with her.

I do love to wipe and kiss away those tears.


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  1. Megan

    It is amazing the things mothers can do :o) I find I’m remarkably calm when my kidlets are hurt or sick….. Maybe it is the way they look to us to make it all better :o) congrats on surviving the first of many fat lips!

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