Sewing Adventure

I finally created something useful from some scrap material! My inspiration came from two separate friends on two separate days. The first was after a play date Paige had with her great friend, Kate. Kate’s very thoughtful mom gave me, the “sewer” (as in, one who sews, not an underground conduit for sewage), the left over material after hemming her curtains. The second came from another friend, after a play date at our house, who showed me the toy straps she cleverly bought for her son.

As soon as I saw the straps, I said “I can make those” and promptly did that evening! Here is how my first (with Sophie, and then Sir Prance-a-lot) and second (on own, and with dumbbell) attempts turned out:

The second one I gave to Kate; I even tried to add her initial so we don’t get the two straps mixed up. Although, the second one is obviously better, especially in person!


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