A Typical Day with Miss P

Paige is over 7 months old already! The time really has flown by. I hardly remember the first few months, actually… and thankfully. She can do so many more things now. But most importantly, she is so happy most of the time.

Today, Paige slept in until almost 9 am! It’s been a trend recently, and I am not complaining, but I am having a hard time getting out of bed before her, no matter when I went to sleep. Should I feel guilty about getting 8 or 9 hours of disturbed sleep? I don’t think so. I figure I should be allowed at least 15 extra minutes (past 8 hours) for every feeding Paige has that night. Luckily, I never actually count how many feeds she has ;)

After waking, Paige is exuberantly happy. It’s contagious, which is great for a previous non-morning person. Often she will even play happily in bed, for 10 to 20 minutes, until I am ready to “catch” her infectious mood. Then we get up, change her diaper, get her more or less dressed, and I make breakfast. Usually, Paige is more interested in playing with her toys, not food, but today she was enticed by the banana that I was eating. She also, tediously, practiced her fine motor skills with the apple & strawberry flavoured Puffs I scattered on her tray. As an aside, I find it interesting that the container of Puffs notes: ‘recommended for babies 1 year or older’ and the website says 9-24 months. If Paige can manage pasta on her own, I think she can handle dissolvable solids. Also, it’s strange that they are considered a “healthy” snack; I do not offer them very often because I think otherwise.

Following breakfast, Paige had some accidental tummy time. This is what I think of it as when she has been placed in sitting, surrounded by her toys, on her mat, and she reaches just a little too far forward or to the side. Here she often remains happily, while I am “not” paying her any attention. I find she tolerates being on her tummy longer when she thinks I am busy and cannot help her. She can perform a nice, strong push-up, getting her chest and much of her stomach off the floor. She can also slide herself backwards quite efficiently, unbeknownst to her. Although next she was ready for a nap, it took close to an hour for her to settle and fall asleep. Oddly, I can’t remember what I did while she napped… oh, I definitely ate a real breakfast – Porridge Oats – and must have done something else… no matter.

Once Paige was awake, we started on laundry. It’s been while since I’ve done mine or James’ clothes. While on his way to work/school, James commented that he was going to wear his sandals, because he was out of clean socks. Oops! Paige happily played in her rocking chair while I collected and sorted laundry. This being the same chair I neglected to buckle her into while I was getting ready for the party on Sunday. I turned away from her, to look in the mirror and put on more make-up or something, and when I turned back she was mostly out of the chair, with only her head on the seat, and her back awkwardly arched – not the comfiest of positions. Another second and she would have fallen out and bumped her head on the floor! Today I strapped her in.

Paige was eager to have lunch with me, and readily grabbed the chunk of rice offered. Immediately after placing most of the chunk in her mouth, she looked disgusted and opened her mouth to reveal many pieces of rice now scattered throughout. I sat patiently while she sorted it out; within seconds she had spat most of it out, and swallowed the rest, loudly. Then she was ready for some Pad Thai noodles. These being the same spicy noodles she tried 3 times at supper last night, albeit obviously in discomfort due to the heat. It was a moment to be videoed, but alas we only have it to replay in our minds. I will try to describe it: Paige greedily grabs at the noodles. After some playing and rearranging she finally has a good enough hold to put a piece nicely into her mouth. She sucks it. She looks at me and starts to make a familiar face: the sad, pouty, about-to-cry-in-a-big-way face. She cries and proceeds to pant with her tongue out, flexing it oddly as if to say “My tongue feels funny and I DON’T LIKE IT“. I immediately offer her a drink of water; she gladly accepts, likely for the distraction as prior to the first taste, she would not have known it would help heal her mouth. After the second and third tastes, she promptly grabbed the offered cup and lapped up the water. It was possibly the funniest thing she has done to date. And she did it three times, on her own volition. Today, the noodles were not as spicy, but she seemed to enjoy them less. At lunch, she was also drinking from an open cup like a pro! She still spills, but more consistent, purposeful drinking is also observed.

Paige had a good, long, two hour nap this afternoon, where I was able to finish laundry, wash her other diaper cover (for tomorrow night) and clean the kitchen to get ready for supper. I also planned supper, in my head anyway. And then I invited my brother over to watch a movie. As usual, Paige woke up just as I was starting to make supper, and she wanted attention, so we played a bit on the floor until her uncle could entertain her. I made a yummy supper of baked tilapia, baked butternut squash (with unsalted butter and brown sugar), pasta and tomato sauce, and steamed broccoli. Paige was uber happy to be a part of the meal, noisily munching on her broccoli floret like a vegetarian Tyrannosaurus, which I have video of. She cheerily ate pieces of her penne. When I placed a piece of fish on her tray, she grabbed it without hesitation, presumably thinking it was another form of noodle, because she quickly spat out the big piece of fish she bit off, after realizing it had a very different texture and taste. She did try it a second time later, but thought the same thing – “not good“.

Had I wholeheartedly worked on putting Paige to sleep, she would have gone down at 7 pm, but I was inpatient and wanted to start the movie. Although she did initially fall asleep, I opted to bring her out into the living room with Cory and I as we watched the movie. Paige was elated about being included in “the party” and merrily played on the couch for most of the time. She finally went to sleep when I put her down at 9, but she recently woke up again. I think her top teeth, which have poked through the skin (I can now feel 3 upper teeth), are bothering her. But this time, Daddy is playing with her.

It has been a good day.

Good night.



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6 responses to “A Typical Day with Miss P

  1. Meghan

    I’ve thought the exact same thing when it comes to those puffs. When they dissolve to nothing and my kid can eat noodles, cooked veggies, ripe fruit etc.,then I’m not too worried :)
    Thank you so much for describing her spicy noodle face. I almost peed. I was just picturing how cute she looked.
    I told myself I’d get Kate and I up every day this week at 7 am so that she’d get back on track and go to bed before 11pm. I have yet to do that because no matter how cute and happy she is first thing in the morning…I am still NOT a morning person. Though really, my own difficulty falling asleep at a reasonable time lately would probably be remedied if I were to wake up early a few mornings…hmmmm we’ll see I guess.

    • Yeah, the whole early morning routine is definitely over rated! :) I keep saying we’ll go back to that too… I guess when Paige starts waking early, then we will!

  2. Alexandra

    Get all the sleep you can!!

  3. Niki

    Sleep, sleep, sleep, as much as you can!!! There may come a day, if Paige has a sibling, where sleeping in is NOT an option, no matter how tired you are. Luckily, your body slowly adjusts – just as it did when you had a newborn. But, given the option, I would take the sleep any day!!!!!

    • Thanks Niki! I have definitely chosen sleep over everything else lately, even eating (but I try to make up for that once I am awake :) Hope you are well, and able to sleep. Can’t wait to meet your little Autumn!

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