My Mom Friends

Today I attended a First Birthday Party. It readily reminded me of how fast Paige is growing up. When this one year old boy was just a little baby, I was still pregnant and hardly aware of what I was about to get into. It is my friendship with his mom, and my other mom friends, that has helped make my parenting experience so grand.

My friend (with her now 1 year old son), my fellow Pregnant Friend, a New Friend and I were all having a nice visit, enjoying delicious desserts and coffee back in September 2010. My friend and New Friend were discussing the trials and tribulations of breastfeeding their ~ 4 month old sons; both bf for the first time.

It is nice to think back to that day as it was a real eye-opener for me. I was already pro-breastfeeding, but I knew only what a never-breastfed-before person could know: that it’s the best for baby, and it is(n’t) always easy. I remember saying to myself “Breastfeeding on demand? Won’t that spoil them? And what is this ‘nursing to sleep’? How can that be helpful?!”. Shortly thereafter, I read Dr. Jack Newman’s Guide to Breastfeeding (recommended by a scholarly cousin), which changed my attitude, if not my mind, about breastfeeding. Now, I would regard myself as a breastfeeding advocate. I strongly support breastfeeding, especially immediately after birth and for at least the first six months. I also highly recommend that book.

It’s wonderful to know others who think more or less the way you do, particularly when it comes to parenting. I am fortunate to be able to surround myself with a group of like-minded mothers. There are six of us moms who meet up on a regular basis, approximately once per month, to chat about our babies, our lives and anything else that might have happened since our last meet. I find these gatherings highly enjoyable and very cathartic. Above all, though, I find these get-togethers relaxing. We can discuss parenting in a setting that is just like (or is!) home. I can feel normal for nursing Paige to sleep, feeding her on demand and often feeling both elated and frustrated!

But it’s not just the moms I see often who keep me sane; it is also the moms I talk to less than I would like, the ones who live farther than I would prefer, and the ones who post their perspectives online, for me to spend more time than I have reading them. I guess this is my way of thanking YOU – the moms I see regularly, and all of my friends and relatives who were moms before me and have helped me form my own way of mothering either from afar or up close.

Thank you :)


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