Summer Forecast!

This summer Paige and I will be taking our first long distance trip together! My wonderful mom announced in April that she wanted to take us, along with my two sisters, on a trip. We’ve since chosen our city – based on my research for most walkable cities in the US while negating cities one or more of us have already been to, such as San Fransisco and Portland – and we are going to Philadelphia!

It’s very exciting, as it will be Paige’s first time on a plane and our first, true, girls-only family trip to-date! I haven’t put much time into what we might be doing in Philadelphia, but I know it’s a very artsy city, with lots to do and see. My mom’s only request: that there be a Macy’s! After just a quick Google search, I found the one we should check out: Macy’s Center City :)

Of course, the more I search, the more I want to see and do this summer in Philadelphia. Here’s to a great shopping/exploring/eating experience!



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8 responses to “Summer Forecast!

  1. Alexandra

    Oooo it will be so fun!! Philly hey.. Cool!!

  2. John Myslicki

    You guys are going to have a ball!!!

  3. Meghan

    That’s so wicked! I’m excited for you! I wish I could go shop in the states!

  4. Shevenell

    Fun! I have never been to Philly but I hear there is lots of good history there. When are you going? Do you have a travel diaper solution yet? I am hooked on G diapers. We use these for camping and really like the convenience of them and its nice to know that the liners bio-degrade so quickly.

    • Hey Shevenell! Yes, I am in the midst of planning a traveling diaper system, and I think you are right – gDiapers are the way to go. I can get them shipped for free from or wait and buy them at Target when I get to Philly. It’s definitely cheaper at Target. Where did you get yours? I am now wanting to sell a few of my pocket diapers though to help pay for the new ones :)

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