Baby-Led Success

Since my last post, Paige has been making great headway with her swallowing and continues to consume more food everyday! I thought I should post some pictures showing how much she enjoys it! First, here is Paige enjoying some pasta sauce from none-other-than the wooden spoon, as she insisted.

Next, Paige is testing, trying, eating and enjoying another one of her favourite foods: avocado. On Saturday, she tried a tart pickle and today a sour nectarine, both of which she kept on licking, and eventually eating.

And lastly, clean-up time in the sink! See far below :)



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10 responses to “Baby-Led Success

  1. Alexandra

    I KNEW she would love avocado!!

  2. Joy

    So I followed your lead and roasted up a few pieces of red pepper… Zuri loved it! I think she could have sucked on the first piece for hours (well, if she didn’t love dropping her food as much as eating it, ha)… the second time she tried it she ate quite noticable chunks of it – and yep, I saw evidence :) Noah of course didn’t think it looked quite so appealing…. ah well!

    • Yay for Zuri! It’s pretty neat how they can manage to get pieces so well. Lucky for me, Paige is more interested in eating than dropping food, but alas that won’t be forever. Not that she doesn’t drop food and toys, just usually it’s on her tray and is not the stuff she likes!

  3. Meghan

    Aww I love the clean up pictures! I’m so glad she’s loving eating Thea! I wish Kate liked avocado. I keep trying but still a no go.

    • Yeah, avocado is pretty great. But I hope she starts liking sweet potato too. She loves homemade potato fries, so I guess I will just have to try with sweet potato. The deep frying part is less than preferable but oh well! Hope your trip is awesome.

      • Megan

        I bake my sweet potato fries in the oven… super good :o)

      • Good tip! We do that too but we find they don’t turn out as crispy as deep-fried fries.
        ps Paige did love the deep fried sweet potato fries I made recently :)

  4. She is so cute!!! I especially love the sink pic!

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