Sewing Class!

I had my first sewing class today with Central Sewing. My husband agreed to look after Paige for the 3 hours I would be gone, this being the longest I would leave her yet and although I did leave some fresh milk, most of it was previously frozen.

I didn’t know what to expect at the class. But what I imagined was a group of older women, learning to use new machines. It turned out to be 4 women about my age, and one mid-fifties-ish couple, learning on their new machine.

It was great! One gal had the same machine as mine, also newly purchased, so we sat together to better help each other. We learned about the feet: their names, what they were meant for, what we could use them for and how to use some of them.

I managed to bend a needle, rendering another one unusable. But I also learned about threads – that high quality cotton is the best, and silk is the nicest to use – and have decided to return the polyester thread I bought.

We did a straight stitch, another straight stitch which we then gathered to turn into a nice apron for Barbie. We also tried a 3-step zig-zag for mending and a stretch stitch for reinforcement.

Left: Gathered straight stitch and mending 3-step zig-zag. Now I can darn holey clothes!

Right: My straight stitch on the bottom and reinforcing (or stretch) stitch on the top.

And below is one of the neat, decorative stitches my machine can do. One of the other gals had a computerized Husqvarna and she could do shapes such as a teddy bear and a bicycle! *Note: I moved the fabric after the first 1.5 ovals, which is why the pattern suddenly goes to the right.

Oh and Paige did awesome with daddy! She drank ALL of the milk but wanted some cuddles with mommy before she fell asleep; I wanted some too :)



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2 responses to “Sewing Class!

  1. Alex

    YAY! I am happy the sewing lesson went so well! And that Paige did well with daddy. :)

    Also- Love the blog background!!

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