Shopping and Sewing

I went to Ikea today, and I also went yesterday. And I need to go again. The first trip was with my great friend Alex. It was super helpful to have her with us, as I cannot carry many things when I have Paige. It’s particularly hard to load and unload the car. But it was a wonderful trip and I got much needed shelves for our bedroom, and some fun pillows for my new lounging area.

I went back today to return a picture frame and a storage box, and to buy something I forgot to get – a knife magnet. Of course, I then wound up buying more than I had returned (in terms of $$). Oh well. That’s Ikea for you.

Today I bought a lovely cover to put over the old Poang foot stool cushion I replaced with a leather one yesterday. I am going to use the old cushion to sit on for lounging. It’s a nice grey case for a big throw pillow, and wasn’t a perfect fit for the cushion. So, I had my first real sewing attempt. Actually, it was more than just an attempt, it was successful, if not pretty. I was very relieved that I had measured correctly AND allotted the right amount for a seam. The only downside was that I broke the needle! In reality, I am quite impressed with myself. But I shouldn’t be. I should have used the correct needle. Before I began I did think the fabric seemed thick, but didn’t know what kind of needle was in the machine. No excuse, but that’s what happened.

Anyway, here is a picture of my handy work. I used Photo Booth for the picture (not too bad actually) to be fast, but will use my camera in the future. My seam is on the right; the original has the edging. Maybe next time I will attempt to reattach the edging I cut off.

And I need to go back to Ikea to return another storage container (this one doesn’t fit either) and a pillow I have changed my mind about. But I do have 90 days, so won’t be going too soon. Two Ikea lunches in one week is enough!



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3 responses to “Shopping and Sewing

  1. Alexandra

    My pillows didn’t work out either!! The colour doesn’t quite go with our living room, i might keep them for the kitchen though.

    Ps. I had a great trip as well. :)

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