A Natural?

Well, I am not sure, yet, if I am a natural at sewing, but I did just master a blind hem stitch! More or less, on a 2 inch wide piece of scrap material. This stitch is important for such things as dress pants and curtains, both of which I have many that need to be hemmed. I would post a picture, but I will wait until I have either dress pants or curtains neatly done to show off. While I was searching for an image to post, I realized I didn’t even change the foot on the machine. Next time I will also use the proper foot, hopefully resulting in an even more successful blind hem. ;) Ps. My machine came with 7 different feet, for different stitches, including the one-step button hole foot.

I also made a cute pin cushion jar following the tutorial here from Little Paper Dog today while Paige happily jumped in, and watched with great interest from, her jolly jumper. And I made a matching jar for buttons.

I do really like my sewing machine and have signed up for the free sewing lessons. My first class is on Thursday, April 28. This will give James and Paige a fun evening of bonding! And speaking of quality time spent together, they also get to enjoy each others company tomorrow morning when I go for my first post-natal massage (a very big thanks to one of my wonderful sisters-I-L)! Paige still does not like drinking milk from a bottle (she prefers it fresh and right from the tap), but I am leaving them both thawed and fresh breast milk. Apparently last time she was very excited to hold the bottle, but wasn’t so keen about what was inside. Ha!

What will I sew next? I think I will try to “master” other stitches on more scrap fabric before I do anything else. And I need to go to bed. Happy sleep for me.


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