To Sew Or Not to Sew

But that is not the question; the real question is when (will I get a chance) to sew? I bought a sewing machine yesterday and went through the entire manual last night, between feeding, and putting Paige to bed, and helping her stay asleep. I am very excited about it! I am also glad I found one spool of thread at home that will fit, because I didn’t want to buy one for $15 from Central Sewing but can still try my machine out. Here is the story of how I got my sewing machine.

I bought a Husqvarna Viking E20 – ‘a “must have” in your home’ – from Central Sewing. Now, before I went to look, I did my research. I knew I wanted a machine with one-step button holes, over 20 stitches and was expecting to pay under $200. I thought I wanted a Singer or Brother brand, both of which I found to have decently reviewed beginner-type models, aka cheap models. When I stepped into Central Sewing, I was amazed by the size of the store, and the variety, and size range, of the machines on display. The helpful sales lady stopped in her tracks when I said I wanted to spend less than $200; she said “You don’t want to do that. You are going to have a machine for 30 years – you need to spend more, or it’s not worth it”. Then we proceeded to the “cheap” section and she showed me the $400 models. She did explain that the Husqvarna model that sold for about $150 could not do one-step button holes and that if anything ever needed to be fixed, it would likely cost $80 or more. When I asked about a Singer model, she said they were getting rid of the three they had left, but it was not worth me buying them.

Lucky for me all of their models were on sale. She showed me two Husqvarna models. The main differences were the number of stitches and the ease of threading the needle. One you had to thread by hand, the other did it for you. Guess which one was cheaper? I was definitely set against buying a machine that expensive, and I could tell my friend (whom I brought for moral support) seemed to, non-verbally, agree. Then the sales lady said “I will just check what the E20 is on sale for”. It was on sale for $220. My mind was made, I was not buying a $400 machine… but wait?! It was only $220 now? Originally $299 (or $399 but if so, she marked it above what I can find online). I clarified that point. Twice. Then I said “I am really interested in buying this model. I am going to buy this machine”. Then I immediately asked my friend if she thought it was a good deal, and if I had heard right.

When I got home, I got Paige all set up for a nap, and put her to sleep on the couch. Then I quickly went online and looked into Husqvarna brand sewing machines. I should also mention I only knew this as a chainsaw/wood cutting accessories brand up until now. Turns out, they make GREAT sewing machines. The E20 appears to be a perfect model to start out with. The only problem I could find was that the price I paid was not so much of a deal as it was standard online pricing. The difference was in the service I will get anytime I need – a completely unexpected perk about buying from a local sewing machine retailer.

I can attend a free 5 hour “get to know your machine” workshop and can go an unlimited number of times. I just need to sign up and bring my own machine. I also looked into the specific store, Central Sewing, online and I really like their back story. Check out it out here.

My husband says I need to use it every day just to make up for the cost. I would love to do that! The only foreseeable problem is: how will I fit that into my day?!

Plan of action

1) Thread my machine and try a few stitches, and 2) sign up for the free classes (:



April 13, 2011 · 21:08

4 responses to “To Sew Or Not to Sew

  1. Alex

    It will be SO worth the money!! Love the new blog look btw.

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