Libraries: Good for Goodness Sake

Paige and I attended our first pre-registered library program today – Books for Babies – which takes place every Wednesday for the month of April at our local library. It started at 11 am and lasted for an hour. It was great! I thought this would be a perfect time for us; Paige usually gets up around 7 am and goes back to a nap about 8:30, then is up an hour or 2 after that. Not today however.

Today Paige woke up at 6:30 am, after going to bed particularly late (9:30 pm, despite our best efforts at 8 pm). I tried to nap with her at quarter to 8 this morning, but after dozing slightly she started to cry. My husband offered to take her, I however, insisted she was tired and needed to sleep. Turns out we were both right! She was tired, but she also needed to be up – the grunting face and tell tale wet rumblings in her diaper could not be ignored. Luckily, I did not have to deal with that mess. And needless to say, she wasn’t ready for a nap until 9:30; after a 30 minute snooze, she awoke smiley and ready for the day. I’m fortunate to have a stand-in and much beloved “babysitter” always on hand, the Jolly Jumper, so I could get ready and Paige could happily jump away. I didn’t have much time to worry whether Paige would be sleeping, grumpy or awake for the program, I just had to get dressed!

As I mentioned, the program is at our local library. The library is only 5 blocks away so we walked; Paige loves going for a walk, whether in her stroller or in a carrier. Today we took the stroller and with her friend, Sophie, stuffed in her mouth, we had a pleasant, though rushed walk. And as it turns out, nap or no nap, this was to be a good time.

When we arrived, Paige was surprised by everything; the people, the babies, the room. We had only been there once before for the drop in Baby Laptime program (also great). Our good friends, Meghan and Kate (who is one day older than Paige :) were there too (pre-planned, of course), and we sat beside them. Paige demonstrated her nice sitting-upright-with-little-support skill (on my lap) and her listening, both a rarity at home, when the program started.

The facilitator was enthusiastic, and a vet mother of 2 twenty-something year olds and a late-teen year old. She talked about how NOT to read to your baby under 12 months; she later explained you should not (just) read the words, but explain things in the book. She talked about what babies this age usually want to do with books and how we should embrace their taste for books, literally. And she talked a bit about development, in a very general sense. Not much new for Meghan nor I, seeing as we have a background in pediatric development, have previously taught mothers older than ourselves how to interact with their children, and explained what to expect developmentally at almost any age, but still she knew a lot that we didn’t know. Such as baby songs, especially those with fun(ny) actions.

Paige did awesome! She responded very well to the songs, enjoyed watching the other babies and mommies, and particularly delighted in her friend Kate’s stories. She absolutely adored the song The Grand Old Duke of York, with it’s bouncing actions, and up and down movement, that she burst out giggling during the song. I did it a few more times, on our own, just to keep her laughing! But the most surprising part of the day, after how well Paige attended to the class, were the extras.

There are 4 classes, and at each one we will receive a(n age appropriate) children’s book, a granola bar and juice box, and a cookie or baby mum mum for free! I already have a library card (for a measly $12/year) but the registration doesn’t even require that; you just need to sign up your baby for their free membership and voila! you’re in!

So, not only can you borrow unlimited books and movies (where I definitely scored a hidden jack pot in a wide, but dated, selection), and attend countless informative and interactive classes, you can also get free books for your baby!

Next up, a baby sign language class. We hope our friends can join us there too!


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April 6, 2011 · 21:09

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