So much to say, so little time

I am going to start with saying that I just made the most scrumptious Quiche Lorraine and I cannot stop eating it! It’s rare that we can make something random for supper without going for groceries first, but we had plenty of eggs and so a quiche seemed perfect. I looked at my new cookbook – The Joy of Cooking, and found the recipe. We had bacon and Swiss cheese, and added a portabella.

I just got this cookbook on Monday, and it is my new bible. Not that I really had an old bible, or at least not one I ever read, refer to or would in any way follow. This book, however, does look like a bible. It’s the 75th anniversary edition, so I don’t know if they all look the same, but this one is 1132 pages thick, with small font, written in 2 columns. It even has a nice red ribbon book marker – genius I might add for a cook book.

The first thing I made from it was a simple tomato sauce to put on pizza. Now, pizza sauce is not complicated, or at least that is what you would think. My mom always used tomato paste, straight up, for her homemade pizza, and so I did that also. Occasionally, my husband and I would use pasta sauce, and recently realized how much better that works. Tomato paste is thick and overpowering, and pasta sauce is calmer, but with all it’s varieties, and mixed flavors, it wasn’t always perfect either.

The simple tomato sauce I made worked brilliantly, and it made lots, the rest of which is now frozen for the next time we make pizza. Or want a simple pasta dinner. Or maybe even chicken parmigiana… then I would not have to make the sauce… I think I just decided what to make tomorrow for supper!

As I started out saying, the Quiche Lorraine was very good. The Joy recipe is similar to the Canadian living one featured here, but with Swiss cheese, no mustard and a much simpler alternative crust. The crust was not a typical pie crust; I opted to try the simple pat-in-a-pan butter dough instead. It was nice and thick, crunchy and buttery; a perfect complement to the fluffy, egg-y custard. My husband described it as tasting “cookie-like”, referring to the nice crunch. This crust did not require any weights to hold it down while baking; not sure if the pie crust from Joy does either though.

A great tip for keeping the crust from getting soggy was to pre-cook the veggies and meat then dry them off. Another was to fully cook the crust first, and brush it with egg yolk before adding the filling. This worked like a charm! The only downside was that it took about ten minutes longer to cook, as it seemed very watery. We are not even sure if the extra time changed anything, as it still appeared runny, but when we took a piece out, the egg was cooked to perfection and the crust was great, with no sogginess in sight.

Well, I better go eat some more, as I still have a sleeping baby (it’s been 2 hours now) and don’t want my husband to eat it all!



April 2, 2011 · 20:29

3 responses to “So much to say, so little time

  1. Meghan

    Yay! Kate has been sleeping 2 hours as well so far tonight!

    • Paige slept another hour, then woke at 9:30, likely because my sister came over. It took a long time to get her back to sleep, but she was a good sport and tried so hard without crying! She was tired but didn’t get back to sleep until midnight unfortunately. Made for a nice sleep in Sunday though. Woke at 9:30 instead of 7.

  2. Alex

    I have never tried to make quiche before, I have only ever had previously frozen quiche. I bet that it tastes SO great!!

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