I love cupcakes. I used to make them quite frequently. I found a great chocolate batter recipe in my Moosewood cookbook – Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home – the Six Minute Chocolate Cake. It requires one dish (I use 2, a bowl and the baking pan), a stirring utensil and simple ingredients – flour, sugar, cocoa, water or coffee, baking soda, salt, oil and vinegar. I made cupcakes because they are fun to make and hardly take anytime with such a quick recipe. And this recipe made such nice, moist cupcakes. Plus, I got to experiment with different toppings AND eat them too!

Now, I buy cupcakes. The first cupcakes I tried were from a booth at the Strathcona Farmer’s Market – The Cupcake Shoppe. We used them to supply the cupcakes for our wedding party in August 2008. They looked simple enough with the characteristic icing swirl on top, and they had pleasant names like, Pretty in Pink, Plain Jayne, Mint Julep and Lemon Drop. The Cupcake Shoppe was run by two women who made the cupcakes out of their homes in North Edmonton. I can’t seem to find the website, so perhaps they are no longer. They made delicious cupcakes however.

As I was telling my best friend today, the best cupcakes I know of in Edmonton are from Fuss Cupcakes . Now, I will have to be honest and mention that I haven’t yet tried cupcakes from all of the other cupcake places in town, but these ones are simply the most delectable cupcakes I have ever tasted. Very moist, but not gooey, sweet but you don’t feel overloaded with sugar. Also, they have 2 amazing creations: Bliss and Soulmate. These two are like no others. They are both chocolate cake with butter cream icing which is then dipped into ganache. The former has chocolate butter cream, the latter has vanilla butter cream. If you don’t know what ganache is, or how awesome it is when butter cream icing is topped with it, I highly encourage you to try one of those cupcakes.

It is convenient for me that Fuss is just 4 blocks from my house.

Now, I need to add that I have recently tried Crave Cupcakes. They just opened up shop here in Edmonton, also close to me. My friends from Calgary all claim they are the best, so clearly I needed to try them. The first kind I tried was a piece of Red Velvet, with it’s typical cream cheese icing. Very scrumptious. After this, I raved to my husband that Crave made the best cupcakes, and we needed to get more. He was convinced. Who would argue with a cupcake connoisseur such as myself? But, they were closed. So we went to Fuss and were very happily satisfied. A few days later, my husband picked up some Crave cupcakes and we ate them after dinner. As we devoured them, he nonchalantly said that Fuss made better cupcakes. I disagreed, but did think about it for a minute.

Then yesterday I went and bought more cupcakes from Crave. This time I bought 1/2 dozen minis. I could hardly wait to eat them, so I also bought a red velvet Whoopie Cake, which is butter cream icing sandwiched between two layers of cake. This was yummy, but rather sweet and filling for one person, even for someone with as big of a sweet tooth as myself. The icing was too thick, I think. Then I forgot about the cupcakes.

When I did finally remember, I excitedly gobbled down a Dark Angel – chocolate cake with cream cheese icing – I was disappointed. It was not as good as I was expecting. Then I ate a Nutty over Chocolate – chocolate cake with peanut butter icing – and same thing.

Now, I wasn’t so let down by the taste that I didn’t proceed to eat my last remaining mini, Just Chocolate (my husband was allowed to eat 3 also), but I did decide that Crave is not as good as Fuss.

And, neither is their website.




April 1, 2011 · 22:20

7 responses to “Cupcakes!

  1. Alexandra

    Crave is the best!!!!

  2. Meghan Hughes

    Thea I will have to try this Fuss cupcake you speak of! How is it you ended up in the vicinity of 2 cupcakeries and I have none. Probably best for my lack of self control but at this point in time, sitting in my kitchen way past my bedtime considering the day I had, I am slightly jealous.

    • Yeah, super close! And great. Oh, and there is at least one other quite close… but about 8 blocks away. I think it’s called Flirt, but I have yet to try it.

  3. I have to say that that 6-minute chocolate cake/cupcake recipe has been my mainstay for YEARS–it really takes no time, and I always have the ingredients. The only problem is that half the time the center comes out uncooked–I don’t know why! Suggestions?

    • I have not had that problem before, with cake or cupcakes. I do often have my oven turned 5-1o degrees less however, because our oven runs hot. Maybe that will help! If I make them again soon, I will let you know!

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