This is it!

Well, this is it! My first post of my first blog. So I am still not 100% sure about the name – AlwaysRearranging – but it does make sense, for the context of my life. I had thought of much better names, AnnotatedLife, PaintingRosesRed, but of course, those were already taken. As I sat at my computer last night, admiring my daughter sound asleep on the couch, and our newly arranged living room, it dawned on me. I do always rearrange things – diapers, clothes, furniture. I think it’s an obsession; or perhaps a compulsion, and the exact placing of everything is my obsession.

I don’t know how I will manage to blog often, but I do want to write frequently. However, my beautiful 5 month old may not like that so much. In fact, I don’t hear her happily “talking” to her crib mobile as energetically anymore… guess I better go!

Here’s to a new chapter of annotating my life’s rearranging!


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